Industrial Areas Of Varanasi

About Industrial Area

Tourism is a prominent industry in Varanasi as it is an important religious center for Buddhists (Sarnath), Hindus and Jains. It is also has important education institutions such as BHU.
In terms of manufacturing (based on labor employed), 51% work in spinning and weaving, 15% work in metal, 6% work in printing and publishing, 5% work in electrical machinery, and the rest work in a wide variety of industry sectors. Varanasi’s manufacturing industry is not well developed and is dominated by small-scale industries and household production.
In the metal manufacturing sector, Diesel Locomotive Works is a major employer. BHEL, a large power equipment manufacturer, also operates a heavy equipment maintenance plant. Coke has green field bottling plant in Varanasi. Other major commodities manufactured and traded in Varanasi include hand-knotted Mirzapur carpets, rugs, Daris, brassware, copperware, wooden and clay toys, handicrafts, gold jewelry, and musical instruments. Important agricultural products include paan and mangoes.
Traditional industries in Varanasi are declining due to lack of electricity, support from the government and lack of modernization

Industrial Areas

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